Informed Business Decisions

 Analyze, interpret, visualize and forecast your data.

Xiphos facilitates better business decisions by turning raw data into useful information.

We use statistical methods and analytical tools for:

Data Cleaning

  • Understand the nature of the data
  • Identify key input fields
  • Identify missing data and outliers
  • Condense data to a usable form

Data Exploration

  • Data experimentation
  • Uncover/Interpret data patterns and relationships

Analytics & Modeling

  • Descriptive Analytics:  What is happening?
  • Diagnostic Analytics:  Why?
  • Predictive Analytics:  Future forecasting
  • Optimization:  Future projections, “what if” analysis

Dashboards & Reporting

Xiphos summarizes data results into easily understood metrics, visualizations and models, thus allowing key decision makers to:

  • Stay current on business activities
  • Understand customer needs and requirements better
  • Identify financial and operational risks
  • Measure progress toward stated goals
  • Make decisions that are more fact based and accurate